What is Warwick - A Singing Town
doing to help?

Happiness in our schools

Warwick – A Singing Town is working in partnership with local schools in the CV34 area and the majority of schools are receiving weekly visits from our team of Choral Entrepreneurs.

The Choral Entrepreneurs will work with as many children as possible in each school to enthuse them with a love of singing. They will support school-based concerts and activities and help to organise large scale events that will bring children from all the participating schools to sign together.

How singing can support our children

There have been tremendous advances in music education research in the last 20 years that prove the benefits of singing in our schools.

Our children have been missing out on singing during the pandemic and it will be wonderful to ensure that singing is once again part of their entitlement.

Singing together can...

singer 5
Support many areas of
cognitive development
singer 4
Create an immediate
sense of community
singer 2

Lift the spirit and help to create positive relationships

singer 1

The Westgate pupils were enthused and energised by their sessions with our new Choral Entrepreneurs and the quality of singing after just 20 minutes was incredibly impressive. Without prompting, our year 3 children established their own singing lesson in the playground and two of our year 6 pupils conducted the whole class in an impromptu singing session during a wet playground the next day.

 I am extremely excited about Warwick – A Singing Town and I am keen to see what we will achieve across three years if this is what can be achieved after just one twenty minute lesson”.

Matthew Watson, Headteacher, Westgate Primary School

Health in our homes

Warwick – A Singing Town is working in partnership with colleagues from the Priory Medical Centre and the Social Prescribing team for the Kenilworth and Warwick Primary Care Network.

Recent research in neuroscience has shown that music and musical activity help release the ‘feel-good’ chemicals, seratonin and dopamine.

Singing in an activity that enhances both physical and mental health – a very recent and relevant example is the use of singing techniques to support patients suffering from long COVID with long-term breathing issues.

Join a singing group and feel better

Social Prescribing Link Workers connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Link Workers also support existing community groups to be accessible and sustainable, and help people to start new groups; working collaboratively with all local partners. 

Social prescribing works for a wide range of people, including those...

singer 6
With one or more
long-term conditions
singer 9

Who need support with their mental health

singer 8
Who are lonely
or isolated
singer 10

Who have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing

Special singing groups for mental health

Organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society already run a network of choirs across the country to support people living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Their ground-breaking programme is called ‘Singing for the Brain’.

This person-centred programme enables people with dementia and their carers to engage in the benefits of structured community singing. It involves singing and gentle exercise, with an emphasis on enjoyment, participation and equality’.

Warwick – A Singing Town will work with our NHS colleagues to identify need, support and signpost existing choirs, or set up new choirs to meet demand.

alzheimer's society singing for the brain

“My colleagues and I at the Priory Medical Centre are delighted to support Warwick  – A Singing Town and excited about the potential of this project to support our social prescribing programme in Warwick”.

Dr. Nicholas Yeats, Priory Medical Centre, Warwick

Harmony in our community

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the very human need for social contact and we have seen an extraordinary amount of spontaneous singing ranging from people serenading their neighbours from their balconies to an explosion in online concerts and social singing.

Every human society that ever existed has sung together.

Singing and music are fundamental to what makes us human.

Warwick is rich in singing groups and Warwick  – A Singing Town is working in partnership with them all to promote what they do and encourage more people to take full advantage of the opportunities available.


singer 7
Helps us come together
and work together
singer 3

Has an extraordinary capacity to evoke memories

singer 12

Stimulates regions in the front part of the cortex also activated by cooperative activities

singer 11
Is a social
communication system

Our Partner Organisations

There are singing groups just for children, as well as adult groups. You can choose from groups offering a wide range of musical styles – so have a look at all the wonderful singing that is available and get involved!


Warwick – A Singing Town is an excellent example of a local initiative that supports delivery of Warwick District’s Creative Framework, delivering against ‘Engagement’ and ‘Pathfinding’ strategic themes. My colleagues and I look forward to supporting this innovative and exciting project”.

Jonathan Branson, Projects and Development Manager
Arts section, Cultural services, Warwick District Council

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