Weaving Warwick's Stories July 11 2023

A major theme of Warwick – A Singing Town has always been to commission brand new songs to celebrate Warwick and the Singing Town project.

This ambition was realised in a wonderful performance of ‘Weaving Warwick’s Stories’ by over 300 children from nine local partner schools at Warwick Hall on July 11.

Each school was visited by our composer Lillie Harris and writer Laura Attridge who introduced the project and the first song and then created opportunities for the children to share their ideas about Warwick past, present and future: ideas that were then incorporated into the four final songs.

The anthem, A Bend in the River, starts the journey off with an overview of how the town came to be, referencing the natural features that attracted its earliest residents.

A Tapestry of History explores Warwick’s past and draws inspiration from classic nursery rhymes and Old English storytelling traditions.

Come With Me! is a tour of Warwick in the present day, told from a child’s-eye view.

The irregular meter and unexpected harmonic progressions drive a sense of momentum and enthusiasm.

Watching Over Warwick reflects on what the future might bring. The text combines a dream-like wonder with a deft sense of uncertainty, so likewise the music is wistful and spacious.


This major event was supported by the Warwick Schools Foundation, King Henry VIII Endowed Trust and Warwick Town Council.


Pictured below are Ben Hamilton –  Choral Entrepreneur, Writer Laura Attridge, composer Lillie Harris, Cerys Purser – Choral Entrepreneur, Mariana Rosas – Choral Entrepreneur and Jeremy Dibb – Research and Delivery Lead.

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